CodeComplete help document - all documents below this are sections of this document
KAT-0001User Manual

CodeInitial setup
KAT-0000Procedures Ecosystem - a list of all the document areas
KAT-0002Help and Feedback system
KAT-0206Brand - setting your default brand that you use on jobs
KAT-0302Company settings - edit
KAT-0304Company header and footer
KAT-0306Company files upload
KAT-0308Customer defaults (Brand, price rules etc.)
KAT-0402Document and email wording - Edit
KAT-0606Finance settings
KAT-0902Inclusions and exclusions
KAT-1610Payment terms - set default/add
KAT-1615Pay period - set default/edit
KAT-1616Pricing Rules
KAT-1102Kitsets - adding and editing

CodeContact management
KAT-0310Contacts - customer add/edit
KAT-0312Contacts - supplier add/edit
KAT-0313Contacts - edit sysytem supplier
KAT-0314Contacts - People add/edit

CodeWorks - managing things in a works - a collection of things related to a job
KAT-2302Works - add
KAT-1206Labour bookings - add/edit from works
KAT-000Orders - from a charge-up job
KAT-1408Orders - from a quoted job
KAT-1612Print preview settings - set default/edit
KAT-1620Supplier invoice - credit add/edit
KAT-1622Purchases - allocate line quantities

KAT-1702Quote - add
KAT-1704Quote - manual
KAT-1706Quote - from a plan
KAT-1708Quote - from a BOM
KAT-1714Quote - variation add/edit

CodeStaff and suppliers
KAT-1901Staff - add/edit
KAT-1904Staff - login/password setup
KAT-1906Supplier - import products

KAT-1910Sales - customer invoice - add/edit
KAT-1912Sales - customer quote - payment claim add/edit
KAT-1914Sales - customer credit note - add/edit
KAT-1915Sales - customer fixed pricing - add/edit
KAT-1916Sales - work in progress report

KAT-2006Timesheets - pay periods and codes add/edit
KAT-2008Timesheets - bulk entry/edit
KAT-2010Timesheets - field user enter/edit

CodeVisbuild - the visual plan builder
KAT-2202Visbuild overview
KAT-2206Visbuild - kitsets - my libraries add/edit
KAT-2208Visbuild - kitsets - groupa/quantities
KAT-2212Visbuild - plan structuring